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2024 MA Vestry Meetings

Ministry Area Vestry Meetings should be held no later than 30th June 2024.

The following items of business should be conducted at this MA Vestry Meeting:

  • Receive and approve the MA Accounts (and its constituent church accounts if available).
  • Nominate and vote on the 2 MA Churchwarden posts. MA Churchwardens should be admitted to office on the Sunday following the Ministry Area Vestry meeting. On that day please complete the 2 NF2 MA Churchwarden Declaration Forms.
  • Nominate and vote all MA Officer roles.  Please complete form NF4.
  • Nominate and vote all remaining Ministry Area Council Members/Trustees (MAC).  Each church should have the opportunity to be represented.  Each representative will be ex-officio members of their respective church committees (if such a committee exists).  Please complete form NF1.  New Trustees should also complete the Charities Commission Trustee Declaration form for retention by the MA Secretary or MA Administrator.
  • Nominate and vote on representatives to the Diocesan Conference for the term 2024 (immediate effect) - 2026.  Please complete forms NF5.
  • Nominate and vote on representatives to the Diocesan Standing Committee if your MA has a vacancy.  A list of current members is included.  Please complete form NF6.
  • Nominate and vote on representatives to the Diocesan Board of Finance (Full Board).  A list of current members is included for your information.  Please complete form NF7.
  • Notify us of Church Office Holders for communication purposes.  Please complete form NF3 at your MA VM, or distribute it to your church committees for completion and return.

Each MA has been sent an MA Vesty Meeting pack, containing the following documents:

Supporting document booklets:

  1. Role Descriptions of MA Officers
  2. Ministry Area Vestry 2024 Election Booklet incl. Diocesan committee vacancies.

All Diocesan/Ministry Area forms required for the whole MA:

NF1 - MAC Trustee notification

NF2 - MA Churchwarden Declaration

NF3 - Church Officers *one form provided for each church.

NF4 - MAC Officers

NF5 - Diocesan Conference

NF6 - Diocesan Standing Committee

NF7 - DBF Full Board

Completed forms, along with a copy of your MA Annual Report, can be returned to the to the Diocesan Office by 31st July 2024.

Copies of the Charity Commission’s Trustee Eligibility Declaration form(s) have also been provided. These need to be completed and handed to your MA Administrator or MA Secretary.  These will be required by the Charities Commission.