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Charity Commission registrations

As MA licensing is now underway, many of you will be wondering about the charitable status of former PCCs and new MACs.  The licensing has formed the new MA/charity and one of the first pieces of work for the MAC Trustees will be to notify the Charities Commission of this change.  They’ll do this by registering it with the Charities Commission.  If a former PCC/BCC is already registered it will need to work with the new MAC Trustees to amalgamate the registrations.  This piece of work can only take place once the new MAC Trustees have been appointed.

Within two weeks of your licensing your MAL will call the first MA Vestry Meeting.

At that meeting you will formally appoint your MAC Trustees.

Each MAL has been given Trustee Declaration forms that every MAC Trustee must complete – these will be used in the registration process for the new MAC.

Emma Walsh (MA Admin Supervisor), is in contact with all MALs to confirm how many PCC/BCCs are already registered within the MAC – this information will dictate the next steps:

  • For MACs with no registered PCC/BCCs, we will issue a step-by-step guide to registration
  • For MACs with 1 registered PCC/BCC, the existing registration will amalgamate the rest of the MAC into their registration
  • For MACs with 2 or more registered PCC/BCCs, they will be amalgamated into one registration, along with any remaining churches in the MAC

Members of the Diocesan staff will support MACs with these processes.

Actions that PCC/BCCs with Existing Registrations can take now:

  • either ensure your MAL is aware of your registration or email Emma Walsh directly emmawalsh@cinw.org.uk to ensure we have you “on the list”
  • co-operate with the new MAC Trustees in the amalgamation of the charitable status to ensure a smooth transition
  • maintain your registration status (including setting up a personalised account if promoted to do so), until the transition has taken place.

For more information on the formation and governance of ournew MAC’s please see the documentation available on the diocesan website: https://swanseaandbrecon.churchinwales.org.uk/en/ministry-areas/ministry-area-resources/

Or, contact either myself:  louisepearson@cinw.org.uk orArchdeacon Peter Brooks:  peterbrooks@cinw.org.uk if you would like further clarity.

Louise Pearson, Diocesan Secretary