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‘Bishop’ comes from the Greek word for ‘overseer’. So a bishop is a senior Christian minister authorised to have oversight for God’s people. As well as duties given to deacons and priests, bishops confirm and ordain.


‘Diocese’ refers to the geographical territory in which a bishop exercises oversight. The Church in Wales is divided into six dioceses each with its own cathedral in which is housed the cathedra (the bishop’s ‘chair’ or ‘throne’).


Liturgy is a set form of words and action used for worship. In the Church in Wales (and many other churches) these forms follow the same pattern from one congregation to another. Most Anglican liturgies look back in some way to the Book of Common Prayer.


Prayer sustains our human relationship with God and may involve words (formal or informal) or be silent. Prayer can involve adoration (‘I love you’), confession (‘sorry’), thanksgiving and supplication (‘please’).

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Two new prayers for the diocese

Rev'd Canon Chris Darvill, the Bishop's Officer for Liturgy, has written two new prayers for the diocese. One is for use in the morning and the other for the evening. In March this year, when Bishop John met with all the ministry area leaders, we were trying to think of ways to encourage prayer in the diocese. We felt this was especially important now as we try and discern what God is asking us to do during this challenging time but one which also offers us opportunities. We didn’t want to set up any more meetings, or prayer networks, but rather we wanted to help us all feel part of praying together by having these prayers to use. The morning prayer is based on familiar verses from 1 Corinthians 13 and the evening prayer picks up the theme of gather, grow, go. Please use them at home, in small groups, at prayer meetings or in church services.

A prayer for the morning

Lord Jesus, thank you for this new day, I pray that you will give me Faith, Hope and Love.

Faith to have the reassurance that you called me to be here and that with you all things are possible.

Hope to see your wider vision and the generosity of spirit to build for the future and not re-create the past.

Love to have courage to do your will but joy and gentleness in doing it.


Gweddi foreol

Arglwydd Iesu, diolch i ti am y diwrnod newydd hwn. Gweddïaf am i ti roi i mi Ffydd, Gobaith a Chariad.

Ffydd i gael y sicrwydd i ti fy ngalw i fod fan hyn, a bod pob peth yn bosibl gyda thi

Gobaith i weld dy weledigaeth ehangach, ac ysbryd hael i adeiladu at y dyfodol nid ail-greu'r gorffennol.

Cariad i gael dewrder i wneud dy ewyllys ond ei gwneud â llawenydd a thynerwch.


A prayer for the evening

Lord Jesus, at the end of this day in which I have sought to gather, grow and go in your name,

I pray that you will gather me and all those you have called me to serve in safety under the shadow of your wing.

In the dark hours of the night may the seeds that have been sown grow even as the New Life of Easter grew in the dark of your tomb.

And now give me your peace that I may find rest, to be refreshed to go forth in your name tomorrow.


Gweddi hwyrol

Arglwydd Iesu, ar ddiwedd y diwrnod hwn wedi i mi geisio dod ynghyd gydag eraill, i dyfu a mynd allan yn dy enw di,

Gweddïaf y bydd iti fy nghasglu innau a phawb y gelwaist arnaf i’w gwasanaethu yn ddiogel o dan gysgod dy adenydd.

Yn oriau tywyll y nos, bydded i’r hadau a heuwyd dyfu fel y tyfodd Bywyd Newydd y Pasg yn nhywyllwch dy feddrod.

Ac yn awr dyro i mi dy dangnefedd fel y caf orffwys, a chael fy adfywio i fynd ymwaith yn dy enw yfory.