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Parsonage Board InspectorSIMON HOLLANDHas responsibility for the care of all parsonages within the Diocese. Manages the programme of maintenance, alteration, improvement and replacement of parsonages to ensure that parsonages are adequate and safe for our clergy and their families.

Welsh content

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Property administration supervisorLIZ WHEATProvides full administrative support to the Parsonage Board.E-mail: 01874 611891

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Administrative AssistantKES SEYMOURProvides administrative support for the Churches Committee; manages the programme of church quinquennial inspections and Grant Adviser.Tel: 01874 623716.Email: ELTON (PART-TIME)Provides administrative support for the Diocesan Trust; responsible for Vacancy Management for Parsonage Board and Diocesan Trust.Email:

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Diocesan Advisory Committee SecretaryALISON AMPHLETT (PART-TIME)Administers faculty applications and the work of the Diocesan Advisory Committee for the Care of Churches.Tel: 07989 560690E-mail: