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Ministry Areas

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Vibrant ministry areas for mission at the heart of our communitiesWe want to have “vibrant ministry areas for mission at the heart of our communities” – it is part of the strategic plan for this diocese. The journey into ministry areas started with the Harries report in 2012. That report suggested ways that the Church in Wales needed to reshape for its ongoing ministry and mission.We don’t have a neat definition of what a ministry areas is, but here is a working description:Christians, drawn from a group of churches, working together as ‘a pilgrim people’ in ministry and mission, seeking God’s kingdom for the communities in their ministry area.

Welsh content

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Gather, grow, goOur diocesan prayer, which captures our vision so well, says this:Bless us as we gather in your name; Guide us as we grow into the likeness of your Son;Lead us by your Spirit to go out and make disciples of others.Ministry areas are the structure we are using to journey together with God as a pilgrim people, turning that vision into reality.

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