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Faith in Families becomes featured charity

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Text block 1 has chosen Faith in Families as its featured charity for this year, after being “blown away by the passion and dedication” of its is an investment company based in Swansea, covering sectors including travel, hospitality, real estate and sports.Announcing the decision, it said: “2021 is the first year the businesses will come together and support, fundraise and promote a Swansea based charity under the brand. While we will continue to support the many charity and fundraising requests, our main focus will be our featured charity.“Our featured charity is Faith in Families. Faith in Families was established in 1999 and have three family centres in Swansea. These centres are based in disadvantaged areas of the city and are now well established to assist and support the local parents and children with their basic needs.“Faith in Families are currently working on two main projects. The Brighter Futures project aims to give children the best opportunities to be the best they can be alongside the Inspiring Futures project that help the parents of the children be the best they can be for themselves and their children.“When we met with Cherrie Bija, the charity director, we were blown away by the passion and dedication of the small teams that work in the centres and the work that they carry out. It was extremely humbling to have the pleasure to meet some of the team and children. We were given data on the number of families living below the poverty line and the complex support needs of families within our communities.“We are fully committed to the staff and families at Faith in Families and aim to support the charity by way of fundraising, volunteering our staff time and promoting the charity in and around the city of Swansea.”Faith in Families’ CEO Cherrie said: “Childhood happens just once in a lifetime and each of us has the responsibility to make the children in our communities have the best one possible. They are our future doctors, footballers, team members, customers, and neighbours.“We want to give all of our children the choice and voice to be all they can be despite any adversity. We want to make Swansea a great place to grow, learn, live and be part of whichever community they grow up in. Being’s chosen charity is very exciting for us as it will enable us to have a greater reach to supporters and therefore a bigger impact across our projects.“Thank you for believing in the work that we do and joining in our passion to make a difference to Swansea’s future generations.”

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