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A statement on the proposed closure of Llanbedr Church in Wales Primary School

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Education is at the heart of the diocese's mission and outreach, with the well-being of all in our diocesan schools at the forefront.We were saddened to hear of news of the proposed closure of Llanbedr Church in Wales School.Church schools are the heart of their communities, with Llanbedr school playing a central role in village life. We are about communities flourishing together to achieve immeasurably more than we can imagine. Our culture is one of high aspiration rooted in our Christian values, as demonstrated in the life and teachings of Jesus Christ, and Llanbedr demonstrates this through excellent leadership and management and a proven performance record of high standards. Well-being of all is central to the success of Llanbedr school.Llanbedr Church in Wales School is an excellent school; a place of aspiration, achievement and hope within a rural community.. Our hope is that it remains open to serve that local community, and continues to be a place of joy, happiness and achievement where everyone is valued. We are submitting a detailed response to Powys's proposals.

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