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Help others this Mothering Sunday, says the Archbishop of Wales

Young people with time on their hands should do something positive to help those in need, the Archbishop of Wales says in his message for Mothering Sunday which takes place this weekend.

The Archbishop, John Davies, is appealing to those whose college courses or jobs have been suspended, to put their time to good use to help others.

He suggests they get involved in groups which are being set up in our communities to help those struggling to cope with the coronavirus crisis.

In a video message the Archbishop says, “Mothering Sunday is a day when people will want to focus with thanksgiving on what their mothers have done for them in their lives. If your plans for the day have been disrupted, if you’ve got some time that you might have been using to do other things, don’t waste that time. Whether you’re absent from university or college, whether you’re not at work – whatever may be the case- use the time that you have to do something positive.

“In my local community in Brecon groups are springing up, people getting together to make plans to put their time to good use to help others. So why not see if there is something you can do with such groups to bring help to other people.”

There will be no Mothering Sunday services in churches this weekend as all public worship has been suspended for the foreseeable future. However, people are being invited to share prayers online and some services are being streamed on social media. Churches are being encouraged to stay open during the day to offer space for people to pray in their own time, to find spiritual refreshment and reflection.