Help make it a happy New Year – and 21st birthday – for Faith in Families

Faith in Families is at the heart of Swansea and Brecon communities, inspiring children and families to believe and succeed in their lives. The future of these services is in jeopardy after the Communities First scheme, which made up nearly 80% of its funding, was scrapped. Here, trustee Rev Nigel King asks us to commit to giving the charity a brighter future in 2020.

Everyone in Swansea & Brecon knows about Faith in Families. Everyone knows that it is the arm of the Church around here that helps struggling families with advice and support. Everyone knows that it runs the wonderful Community Cwtches that change lives.

But there may be some things about ‘Faith in Families’ that you don’t know.
Did you know that each Christmas Faith in Families hands out redundancy notices to their workers? You see, the money to pay them in the following year cannot be guaranteed in December.

Some Christmas bonus!

How can this be? Well: Faith in Families has no guaranteed income stream. The money for its life-affirming projects comes mainly from grant-awarding bodies that want to keep control. Many of these are Government departments. So they award time-limited grants for very specific things. When those things are done Faith Families has to make a new application for money to do them next year. And of course, money is tight these days.

There is no regular source of income.

Imagine you had no regular flow of income. No salary. No pension. No interest payments from savings. Imagine that you had, nevertheless, to look after hundreds of very needy people. Are you good at imagining? If you are, you will understand the problem.

And you will understand why we are asking for generous Christian people to contribute to an income stream to support those Community Cwtches.

We want you to set up a standing order with your bank. It would be lovely if it could be £10 a month. Or £5 a month. But the amount isn’t so important. What is important is that it would be regular income. So Faith in Families can make plans and offer its staff security.

We are looking for £100,000 regular income for 2020 – a bit over £8,000 a month.
Does that sound a lot? Perhaps, but if all the worshippers in Swansea & Brecon gave £2 a month that would more or less do it.

Of course, many of you will not be able to make such a commitment, so if we are to make our target some of you are going to have to give a bit more.

Come on! Isn’t that what our Christian belief is all about? Helping children and families deal with chaotic lives so they can share, laugh, eat and have fun together.

P.S. We know that you already give to lots of charities. We know that you have to pay for the repairs to the church roof. Jesus knows all about repairing roofs. Well they had to repair that roof in Capernaum, didn’t, they? After the paralysed man was let down through it? But Jesus also cared about children. And he cared a lot about those finding it difficult to look after themselves.

Of course you may not be in position to commit to a regular payment but would still like to contribute.

Here’s how you do it:
Visit the donations page and return completed standing order forms to Teilo’s Community Cwtch, 62 Cheriton Cres, Portmead, Swansea SA5 5LA.
If you would like to know more about Faith in Families, or would like to get involved, email or call 01792 588487.