Diocesan press releases

‘Today is a reminder of our common calling to be, and live, as good news’

Archbishop John led this afternoon’s Chrism Eucharist at Brecon Cathedral, reminding “all of us of our capacity to be the bearers of good news”.

The service saw the blessing the holy oils and a renewal of commitment to ministry, which Archbishop John said meant a rekindling of the calling to bring “bright light to dark places”.

Admitting to an addiction to news, from the local paper to world headlines, he said: ”We are confronted daily by tales of crime, violence, abuse, drug use, homelessness, fraud, political chicanery and uncertainty, natural disasters, prejudice in a variety of forms – racial prejudice or because of sexual orientation – a lack of trust in previously trusted institutions, individuals, profession or disciplines.

“With all that surrounding us, it’s very easy to think that there is so little good news around and to become distracted, downhearted and disillusioned and even defeated. What can I do in the face of all of this?

“One of the things that I reminded some students about recently, when they might feel that way, is that they can actually change the world. Because one act of compassion, one act of gentleness, of kindness, of mercy, of forgiveness, of love, from one person to another, changes someone’s life. And if someone’s life is changed then, as imperceptibly as it may be, the world is changed for the better.”

Today was, he said, an opportunity to “remind all of us about our capacity to be bearers of that good news, our capacity to be agents of that change, and of our common shared calling to be, and to live, as good news”.

“It’s about rekindling within us, those of us who are or ordained or have been commissioned or confirmed, something of the excitement, something about the sense of being called to do something positive and good. About rekindling that sense to go to Isaiah of being anointed, to be, to do and to bring good news and bright light into dark places, into places of gloom and sorrow and perplexity.

“It’s not just paying lip service to those principles, but to be rekindled, to be people of both word and action in the name of light, truth and justice.”