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Evangelism and tackling poverty on the agenda at diocesan conference

Evangelism, social justice, older people’s ministry and ministry areas were on the agenda at today’s Diocesan Conference.

The speakers at Brecon Cathedral were the Bevan Foundation’s Sandy Blair, Bishop’s Officer for Older People’s Ministry Rev Sally Rees and Archdeacon of Brecon Ven Alan Jevons and new ministry area development officer Tim Hollingdale.

Opening the conference, Archbishop John said: “Like the Governing Body, and like other dioceses, we are putting evangelism at the top of the agenda.

Evangelism, he said, means “living the gospel and presenting to the communities in which we are set and in which Jesus sent us, the bright shining, loving face and warm embrace of the Lord Jesus”.

Archbishop John also spoke about the support on offer for the challenges posed by ministry areas and new ways of working, and the work being done in the diocese to ensure we make the best of our resources.

Sandy, a trustee of the Bevan Foundation and a familiar face to many as former chair of Monmouth DBF, highlighted the many ways the Church is helping to tackle poverty through a wide range of initiatives.

The Bevan Foundation is a think tank which aims to develop lasting solutions to Wales’ most challenging problems and improve people’s lives. It believes Wales should be a nation of equality, justice and prosperity, a nation where everyone has a decent standard of living, a healthy and fulfilling life, and a voice in the decisions that affect them.

You can watch an interview with Archbishop John and Sandy below.

The new Bishop’s Officer for Older People’s Ministry, Rev Sally Rees, spoke about the importance and challenges of the ministry and the support and resources on offer.

You can read a full interview with Rev Sally, and find out more about older people’s ministry, in the latest edition of Cymuned here.

The development and progress of ministry areas was the subject of Ven Alan’s address to conference. Ven Alan introduced Tim, who began his new role in September and has been meeting with ministry area leaders during the past few weeks.

You can watch an interview with Tim below..

If you have a question about ministry areas, you can email Tim here.