St Mary’s hosts Action on Hearing Loss drop-in offering help and advice

Charity Action on Hearing Loss has been involved in setting up drop-in centres around Swansea.

The idea is that people with NHS hearing aids can bring them to be checked, serviced and cleaned, free of charge, and have questions about their use addressed.

Several have been set up in libraries, but the newest held its first session this weekend in St Mary’s Swansea. There will be a session on each second Saturday of the month, from 11am to 1pm.

Pictured are the two volunteers, Robert Davies and Andrew Knight, ready for work.  They explained that, while there continues to be a drop in session in Singleton Hospital every Monday to Thursday (mornings and afternoons), a number of people find it difficult to get to the hospital.

It is hoped these AoHL sessions will make it easier for every hearing aid users to get help and advice, to make the most of the excellent aids now available.