Holy Trinity Church blooms as Llandrindod takes a step back in time for festival

Llandrindod’s Holy Trinity Church is in bloom as the town takes its annual step back in time for its Victorian Festival.

Holy Trinity is a Grade II-listed Victorian building, built in 1871, and stages an exhibition to run concurrently with the festival which has grown into a must-see attraction for visitors.

The theme for 2018 is ‘Victorian Benefactors’, and it reveals the initiative of our Victorian ancestors at a time of great change – a time of the industrial revolution, ever-expanding empire and great advances in medicine, transport, religious worship and social conditions.

Names such as Rowntree and Cadbury of confectionery fame, Wilberforce and the abolition of slavery, Robert Owen, who started the Co-operative movement, and Barnardo’s are among the many, many benefactors covered in the exhibition. And, with wonderful paintings and figures depicting the conditions of a now by-gone era, it is a must-see exhibition.

The church is also hosting amazing flower displays, and there are musical interludes every day, with choirs, hand-bell ringers, a recorder group and the church orchestra. There are even items to grab the children’s interest and a quiz to stimulate their interest in Victorian history.

The exhibition runs from today (Monday, August 20) until Sunday, August 26, culminating in an amazing firework display on the Sunday, which is staged at the lake in Llandrindod. Everyone is welcome.