A little more conversation as Anne speaks about pilgrimage around Wales’ holy sites

Lay Minister Anne Hayward has been on the BBC to speak about her walk around Wales to visit and celebrate some of the country’s holiest sites.

In 2015 Anne spent three months as a pilgrim, travelling on foot to visit some of Wales’ holiest sites and carrying everything she needed to camp along the route.

Her main objectives were four ancient places of pilgrimage – Holywell, Bardsey Island, St Davids and Llantwit Major – but she also visited numerous churches and other places of interest along the way.

Anne was on the Roy Noble show yesterday to talk about her experiences and her book A Pilgrimage Around Wales – In Search of a Significant Conversation, in which she gives some of the history of those ancient places of pilgrimage and reflects on the spiritual experience of being a modern-day pilgrim.

You can listen to the interview here (it starts at 1:18:20).

Anne read History at Oxford University and went on to become a secondary school teacher. Over the past few years, she has walked thousands of miles from her home in the Brecon Beacons to places of pilgrimage in Wales, Ireland, Brittany and England. She is a Reader in the Parish of Crickhowell and is a licensed Lay Minister in her local church and the wider area.

A Pilgrimage Around Wales by Anne Hayward is published by Y Lolfa.