Diocesan press releases

Hundreds witness ‘life-changing’ moment for Clyne Trinity candidates

More than 200 people greeted Archbishop John as he confirmed 11 candidates in the Clyne Trinity Ministry Area on Sunday.

The congregation was made up of worshippers from all three parishes in the Ministry Area, who witnessed a “life-changing moment” for the candidates.

Vicar of Killay, Canon Phil Gwyn, said: “With the changes in administration of Holy Communion, it is more heartening that this group of people all affirmed their discipleship and look towards the next step on their journeys of faith.

“For some who made this decision it was a challenging moment, for others it was a reaffirmation, but for each, it was a life-changing moment.

“People from all of the three parishes came together, choirs joined together, the music was inspirational. It’s great news, considering that it only a few months since the inauguration of our Ministry Area at the beginning of the year.

“We were also joined by Chris, a candidate from St.John’s Church in Hafod, who was supported by Rev Helen Rees.”

Archbishop John also witnessed Sister.Marian SCL re-affirm her life vows and one of the candidates, Sarah Harris, was also presented with her Licence as a Lay Worship Leader.

There was also a certificate of recognition presented to Eileen Neilsen from Killay on her standing down from two important roles in the parish.

“Eileen has been Parochial Secretary for over 25 years and she has also administered Holy Communion for 30 years,” Canon Phil said. “We wish Eileen well as she steps down from these two roles – but continues so many other roles within the parish of Killay.”