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There’s a feast in store at Convivium Festival – and here’s how you can help

Brecon Cathedral’s Convivium Festival takes place next month, and there are plenty of ways you can get involved.

Convivium is a new initiative of Brecon Cathedral to support strong local communities that connect people with their heritage, the environment, and faith. Convivium is a Latin word that means both to feast and to live together generously.

The three main goals of Convivium are:

  • To raise awareness about issues of sustainability and conservation. The focus will be less on renewable energy than on the need for individuals and communities to adopt sustainable lifestyles: to live in ways that are in harmony with God and creation;
  • To raise awareness about issues affecting rural and agricultural communities, especially in Wales, and to develop the Cathedral’s relationship with those communities;
  • To support strong local communities and identities that will encourage people to connect with their own localities and to foster research and activities that promote Welsh culture and religious heritage.

First up is the first annual Convivium Festival – which promises to be a mix of good food, music and fun, all in support of helping Brecon become a more sustainable and caring community.

Volunteers are still needed to help out on the day, and anyone interested in getting involved can get in touch here.

The festival begins with a guided walk from the Cathedral, taking in local heritage sites.

After lunch, there will be a talk in the Cathedral by Nick Hunt, author of Walking the Woods and the Water and Where the Wild Winds Are. Nick walked the invisible pathways of four of Europe’s great named winds – the Helm, the Bora, the Foehn and the Mistral – to explore their effects on landscapes, people and cultures. He talks about his journeys on foot from the Pennines to Provence, the Alps to the Dalmatian coast, and what he learned about the connections between wind, spirit and soul.

The Carolina barbecue will begin in the late afternoon with local bands providing the music and the Heritage Centre will be open for kids’ activities.There will also be chance to join guided tours of the medieval Cathedral.

Charities and other organisations will be on hand to share information about sustainability, conservation, and supporting local communities and their heritage.

The day ends with live music by Hatful of Rain, a British contemporary folk group that combine powerful songwriting with musical flare, inspired by English, Celtic and American Roots styles.

To find out more, to book tickets or to volunteer on the day, visit Convivium’s website.