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The bell tolls for a celebration as Archbishop leads dedication

Archbishop John has blessed the newly re-hung bells at at St Madoc’s, Llanmadoc and St Cadoc’s, Cheriton.

The ‘bell housings’ for both bells had deteriorated in recent years but, thanks to a generous grant from the Gower Society, both bells had been re-hung on new custom-made housings.

After a short service at St Madoc’s, which included the rededication of the bell – which was tolled by Owain and Garan Jenkins – a procession of some 50 or so people, plus three dogs, set off for St Cadoc’s, led by piper Robert Gray.

Rev Glyn Austin said: “There were community ‘stations’ on the journey. The procession stopped at the village shop – Siop y Bobl – for a reading and prayers, as well as at Trinity Chapel, where the pattern was repeated.

“As the procession made its way through the village there were people in their windows and at their garden gates waving to us – it was a proper village event.”

When the procession arrived at St Cadoc’s the bell was tolled before the church filled up for the celebration proper. The recent restoration work, as well as the work on the bell, was a focus for thanksgiving before the Archbishop preached and celebrated communion.

At St Cadoc’s the bell was tolled by Marcia Probert’s grandchildren Anna Probert and Robyn Williams.

After the service a packed house were served refreshments.

“Importantly, the event drew in and involved people throughout the community. It was not so much a church event as a village event,” Rev Glyn said.

“A massive thanks is due to all those who made this event possible as well as to our archbishop whose enthusiasm was infectious.

“The collection at St Cadoc’s church is to be donated to the Archbishop’s Lent Appeal which assists a number of nominated charities.”

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