Diocesan press releases

Faith in Families’ thank you for Ministry Area appeal

Gower Ministry Area helped to make it a happy Christmas for Faith in Families, with a successful appeal for funds to help secure the future of the charity’s family centres.

The appeal asked Gower worshippers to each send a cheque for £21.07 – the equivalent of hosting Jesus for a Christmas meal.

Rev Nigel King, assistant curate of the Three Cliffs benefice, said: “It was an imagination game we played last Advent: If Jesus walked among us in Swansea as he walked in Galilee 2,000 years ago, where would he start his visit? Would it be in the Quadrant? Would it, perhaps, be in our Ministry Area of Gower?

“Of course we didn’t know, but we thought that perhaps he might start at one of the Faith in Families Community Cwtches. I expect they came to mind because we are all worried about these family centres – the Welsh Government has decided to stop funding them and they are really important. They help toddlers grow into confident, useful adults rather than problem people.

“So we thought about Christmas and the lovely meals everyone was planning for themselves and their families on Christmas Day. Suppose we invited Jesus to join us for our meal? The internet (whatprice.co.uk) told us that a Christmas meal for four people nowadays costs £84.27 – so it would cost £21.07 to include an extra person – Jesus – at the table to share the turkey and roast potatoes and Christmas pudding.

“The good, generous Gower people did what we asked. Lots and lots of cheques started turning up at Faith in Families all for £21.07. At first they were a bit puzzled, then they remembered the appeal.”

Faith in Families company secretary Sharon Atkins said: “The Gower Ministry Area Appeal has been a fantastic success, we have received many donations via this route in support of Faith in Families.

“However, with not everyone being able or wishing to opt in for the Gift Aid, some forms have been returned that do not have any discernible correspondence address in order for us to send a thank you, but we want to make sure everyone knows how much the generosity of the Gower worshippers is appreciated.”

It’s not too late if you’d like to contribute to the appeal. You can download details here.