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Church offers gift of friendship with Christmas Day meal


A Swansea church is offering the gift of friendship this Christmas, as it opens its doors for a free Christmas Day meal.

St Stephen’s Church in Port Tennant will be hosting the event, which is open to everyone and will offer an opportunity to get together to celebrate the special day.

Rev Steve Bunting said: “This is the second year we’re holding a Christmas Day meal. Last year we held it at St Thomas’ but St Stephen’s has the community cinema so there’ll be a film afterwards as well.

“Anyone can come along whether they’re shift workers, pensioners, single parents, the homeless, international students or emergency services. It’s a chance to get together for people who would otherwise be alone or need people to be with at that time of year.”

Last year’s meal was a great success, with 26 people sitting down to lunch and donations of food, wine and gifts from the local community. Donations would also be welcomed this year – as would volunteers to help with the cooking and serving.

One of the mums who attended last year said: “As a single mum it was a real worry about how I would be able to cope on Christmas day. I was overwhelmed by not only the generosity but also the fun and sense of family I found at the meal.”

The church will be holding its Christmas Day service at 10am with the meal and film taking place from 12-2.30pm. Anyone who would like to go along, or would like to help by donating or volunteering, can contact Rev Steve on 01792 455671.