Celebrating Lay Ministry and reflecting on the Marks of Mission

Readers and lay worship leaders along with some other people involved in lay ministry gathered in the cathedral for a special day reflecting on the Five Marks of Mission.

The Archbishop introduced the day speaking about the wonderful ministry of lay people in the diocese. He went on to remind people that they need to remain focuses on what is really important and used the diocesan mission statement as he spoke about gathering, growing and going.

He reminded people that we need to be rooted in prayer and not wrapped up in our own self importance, as individuals or as a church.

Using St Paul’s first letter to the Corinthians, he then spoke about the variety of ministries brought together under one umbrella, with no one ministry being more important than any other. He said that we need to get back to basics and get them right with prayer and use of the bible as foundations of this.

He finished by saying that an Archbishop and a child in Sunday School have a common purpose, “to grow into Christ and reveal the ways of Christ to and for the world”.

Canon Ian Rees then arranged those present into five groups with each group discussing one of the Marks of Mission.

The group discussion was lively and enthusiastic and lots of good points were made, many recognising the need to confidently and attractively share faith and there was lots of discussion as to how best to do this.

The Dean led the feedback session from the groups and in his concluding remarks mentioned the quote from Emil Bruner, “the Church exists by mission as fire exists by burning”.

He pointed out the importance of the words at the end of our Eucharist service and our need to live out the words, “Go in peace to love and serve the Lord”.
After lunch those present joined together at a service with Archbishop John preaching and those present reaffirming their commitment to their ministries.

Canon Ian Rees