St Mary’s hosts thanksgiving service for organ donations

St Mary’s Church in Swansea hosted the annual thanksgiving service for people who have received transplants and for those who have given organs.

The service was attended by many people bringing together lots of different emotions.

Some came to give thanks for organs that have been given to them which have helped them to have a new life. Some came having donated organs and others came as family members and friends of people who had died and had their organs donated to help others.

The service was led by Rev Canon Ian Rees, Rector of St Mary’s, and Rev Carolyn Castle, a chaplain at the University Hospital of Wales in Cardiff. Music was provided by Salvation Song, musicians from Morriston Salvation Army.

Readers at the service were all part of the transplant teams in South Wales.
At the service there was an opportunity for people to light a candle and also write a message which was left on a prayer net.

Canon Rees spoke about the darkness that many people at the service had experienced for all different kinds of reasons but also of the fact that night is followed by morning, darkness by light. He spoke of the thanksgiving that people felt and the importance of remembering,  whether they had been recipients or givers of the gift of an organ.

Discussions over refreshments after gave people time for reflection and many smiles and all present were urged to remember the response to the prayers, ‘Lord of all life and of every life, be with us now and forever’.