Pet blessing and duck race make a splash at Ilston

On Trinity Sunday the benefice of Three Cliffs held its annual Pet Blessing and Duck Race at St Illtyd’s, Ilston.

There were a large number of furry friends in church and all well behaved…as were the pets.

This is something we have done for a number of years and we find that it has always attracted a good number of people from the community and the duck race is always a good crowd puller with side bets being taken on how long before the vicar gets soaked..

Each pet is individually blessed and words of thanks are given for the way that our pets show unconditional dependence and love to us a reminder to us of our dependence on them for their companionship and faithfulness.

There are some good theological lessons here to reflect upon but at the time it’s more about enthusiastic dog barking during the hymns and flying canine hair sticking to anything black.

All good fun and we look forward to extending the invitation again in 2018.

Canon Peter Brooks, Vicar of Three Cliffs Parish.