A visit to the the Young Farmers’ Rally

Another first for me, since I don’t come from a farming background. I’ve never been to a YFC Rally before so I wasn’t sure what to expect.

This year it was their 73rd rally, held at Penmaenau Farmon June 3, 2017, and thankfully the rain stayed away most of the day.

What I encountered were young people taking part in competitions from flower arranging to sheep shearing, from telling stories to trying their hand at auctioneering.  From cooking to singing, taking selfies to creating huge boards to advertise the event.  Every activity was judged and given points, and the best three were awarded with 1st, 2nd and 3rd.

Well done to everyone that took part.

The cooking competition

A great deal of hard work must have gone into organising the event as there were numerous things going on all at the same time and many people judging and stewarding.

I would really like to thank David Price, county chairman, for inviting me along as a guest, it was a real privilege and what YFC achieve is something to extremely proud of, giving the youth in the countryside a focus, fun and a place to show off skills and learn new ones.

Although I witnessed a lot of competitions my lasting memory will be of Sennybridge YFC showing off their singing talents, singing Lady in Red.