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Hundreds welcome new ministry area leader Rev Rana

Hundreds of people turned out to welcome Rev Rana Khan at his induction service at St Edmund’s Church, Crickhowell tonight – including a missionary who had travelled from Norway for the occasion.

Punjab-born Rev Rana, who was interim priest of John Keble Church, Mill Hill, in the Diocese of London, is the new Rector of Crickhowell with Cwmdu and Tretower and leader of the Catwg Ministry Area.

He has worked extensively with the current and previous Archbishops of Canterbury in strengthening relationships with the Church in Pakistan.

Rev Rana, who is married to Moseena and has three sons, told the congregation: “You might have heard that phrase in the supermarkets – and thankfully there are no supermarkets in Crickhowell – ‘buy one, get one free’. In my case it’s different, it’s buy one and get four free.


“Moseena, my wife, and three boys we all are part of the ministry which I am living and I am thankful, especially, to Moseena for all her support and prayers throughout my ministry life.

“The responsibility given to me today, the blessings and the prayers, the worship, the sermon and the collective prayers of all of you, will live with me forever.”


Among the hundreds in the congregation was Raymond Larsen, above, who had travelled from Norway to be at the service having first met Rev Rana when he was a missionary in Pakistan.

“I first met Rana when he was a priest in Pakistan. I have been a missionary to Pakistan. It’s my third time in Wales. I am very fond of church history, Celtic saints and Welsh revivalist Evan Roberts so I’m very happy to be here,” he said.

The readings came from Isaiah 6:1-8 and John 21:15-17 and Psalm 23 was sung by the choir.

You can watch Bishop John’s address below.





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