Open the Book team’s Easter Experience for pupils at St Edward’s

The Open the Book team which visits Knighton Church in Wales Primary School has performed its Easter Experience for the pupils for a third year.

“The ‘Open the Book’ team comprises Anglicans, Methodist, Baptists and Roman Catholics hosted two classes, one in the morning and one in the afternoon, at St Edward’s.

Palm Sunday – Hopes and Dreams 

The children waved palm branches like the early Israelites and thought about their own hopes and dreams, sometimes a puppy or peace in our world. They drew their hopes on polished stones, which they placed at the foot of the cross. They divided into small groups until the last station.

Foot Washing – Servant King

As they thought about Jesus washing his disciples’ feet, they reflected on how they too might serve others: running errands for a disabled relative, sending a get well card, befriending someone who was unhappy at school. They reverently dipped a finger in water and marked their hand with a cross.

Sue and Rob Fountain perform the Last Supper

Last Supper – Remember Me

Children gathered around a white table and thought about their poignant memories: a grandmother’s locket, a photograph of a deceased relative, a football trophy.

Garden of Gethsemane – Alone

A lovely little garden greeted them at the next station where they considered how lonely Jesus must have felt. They modelled in clay an experience of loneliness: when a pet or a relative died, when others were nasty in the playground.

Crucifixion – Sharing our Sorrows

Children gathered at a large cross to consider sadness and suffering. Each held a red ribbon tied to the cross and said their own private prayer for refugees, the homeless, the hungry, someone special.

Rev Canon Melia Cope rolling away the stone as she explained to the children the meaning of breaking open an Easter egg
Rev Canon Melia Cope rolling away the stone as she explained to the children the meaning of breaking open an Easter egg

The Empty Tomb – Jesus is Alive

The Open the Book team re-enacted Mary discovering the tomb empty, rushing to the disciples, and her joyful encounter with Jesus. Revd Melia Cope noted that every time they break open an Easter egg, it is like breaking open the tomb. Something new emerges.

The children were a tribute to the school and to their parents, as they caught the mood, reflected deeply, and responded with a quiet honesty.

Laura Woodside-Jones