‘Be on the alert for tax scam letters’ warning

The diocese’s safeguarding officer Peter Doyle is warning people to be on the lookout for scam tax emails claiming to be from the Inland Revenue.

Peter issued the alert after the mother of a parishioner in the diocese was targeted.

Peter said: “The person’s elderly relative got an email from the ‘Inland Revenue’ telling her that she had a £300 tax rebate owed to her from 2014-5 and that if she were to fill in the form she could have the rebate put straight into her bank account.

“She has some carers and one of them helped her fill in the form. When they got to the section asking for her bank details the carer became suspicious stopped the process. They Informed the Inland Revenue who confirmed that it was a scam and not a genuine letter from them.”

Peter has now issued the following advice to help you stay safe.

“Organisations such as the Inland Revenue do not ask for personal bank details in this fashion. If they owe you money they usually adjust your tax code or send you a cheque. If any correspondence, from any organisation, is received which requires your personal bank account details without provenance it should be should be questioned and, at the very least, you should check with the organisation which the letter purports to be from.”