Emergency appeal for South Sudan – how you can help

Famine has been declared across parts of South Sudan, where 4.9 million people are in urgent need of food, and Christian Aid has launched an emergency appeal.

The crisis comes after more than three years of conflict, which has resulted in tens of thousands of deaths and the displacement of three million people. Harvests have been disrupted, food and fuel prices have risen, and the economy has collapsed. Conflict and instability, sexual abuse, executions and other human rights abuses, continue amid severe humanitarian needs.

Rosie Crowther, Christian Aid’s country manager based in South Sudan, said she had met last week with women who’d fled the famine in Unity State. She said they had waded for five days through a swamp, with the waters sometimes up to their necks, dragging their children behind them on makeshift rafts, and surviving on water lilly roots, and the dirty waters of the swamp.

Christian Aid partners on the ground urgently need more help to provide emergency aid – including food, hygiene kits, cash & vouchers and shelter. Its church partners in particular are calling for an immediate end to the violence, and working to address the root causes of conflict.

By working through local partners, including the South Sudan Council of Churches, Christian Aid is able to provide what the local population needs, as well as maintain its presence on the ground when other aid agencies have had to pull out.

How you can help:

Christian Aid is currently responding to, including food shortages and drought in Somalia, Kenya and Ethiopia. More information on all other emergency appeals here.