The last Prince of Wales memorial service

In rural areas services to commemorate special events are important to people or to a particular area.

On a cold day in December, standing in a field in the ruins of Abbey Cwmhir we gathered to remember Llywelyn the last as he is often known.

King Henry III of England agreed the Treaty of Montgomery in 1267 with him and it was then that King Henry recognised him as ‘the prince of Wales’.

It was under the reign of Edward 1 of England that Llywelyn was killed by English soldiers on 11th December 1282.  His head was sent to London to be exhibited on London Bridge, and it is believed that his body was buried somewhere in Cwmhir, but the exact place is still a mystery

The service took place in Welsh in word and hymn.

During the service they laid a wreath on the memorial stone in remembrance.


After the service we were made welcome at the village hall where a tea was prepared.

People came from all over Wales for this service and they are passionate about remembering Llywelyn ap Gruffydd. The Last Prince of Wales.