A ride in an ambulance

Riding in the front of the ambulance – I took the opportunity to ask some questions with my Rural Advisor hat on…

Q: So have you always worked in rural locations?

A: His answer was no, I worked in a large city.

Q: So, what is the difference, is there any?

A: Yes definitely, mostly it’s the distance we travel, our area is huge.  It’s beautiful to travel in, but in a city we are never more than 15 minutes away from a hospital. Here it can take an hour to get the hospital..

In a city we hand a patient over quickly to the hospital.

Here we can sometimes see what a difference emergency care can make as the patient can start to recover before we hand them over to the hospital.

Although CPR for an hour when you are the only one in the back of an ambulance can be exhausting.

In rural areas the older generation tend to leave calling an ambulance until the absolute last resort it becomes a much more severe and sometimes if an elderly person has died it can be a few days before they are found.

Thank you to the ambulance driver for answering the questions while driving to the hospital…

I found myself thinking – As Christians surely we help with that one?

‘Loving our neighbour is something Jesus commanded us to do’ Mark 12:31

Does it take long to just check up on those we know are vulnerable or elderly in our communities?

Even in remote areas we have phones – just a call to say how are you?

Noticing curtains shut during the day.

Just knock on the door.

Yes – they might be away.

But that one knock could make a difference.