Wonderful welcome in Mampong

Pauline Vaughton is a retired midwife and a member of St Peter’s, Newton, congregation.  She has close ties with the matron of the Mampong Babies’ Home, Margaret Addai, and makes two or three visits each year, often with friends or former colleagues who have a similar personal interest. Here, she updates us on her latest visit

We are now half way through our time here and so much has happened. As usual every day seems like a week! There are more babies and children than ever before, a total of 48, 13 of which are older children attending full-time school.

On Wednesday a two-day-old baby was brought in by her father and older brother they had travelled from the north of Ghana by African bus and looked exhausted!  Her mother had died in childbirth. She has settled and is doing well.
Two recent admissions are abandoned babies, one is a disabled boy named Micky!  He was very ill on our first day and was sent to hospital for treatment, he had a severe chest infection. I am pleased to say he has made a full recovery.  The other little baby was very tiny when found, but is thriving and gaining weight.
It has been good to catch up and spend more time with older children who have been at the home for a number of years.  We have these children over to our house to do their home work, they love this time away from the nursery. I will give a detailed update on the children on return.

As usual we have received a wonderful warm welcome from Superintendent Maggie and all the staff. They remain cheerful and positive despite a failing economy and difficult lifestyle. Thankfully power cuts have been less frequent this year as there is a General election in a month’s time and  the President wants to please the people, to win votes!
He is not popular!
The weather has been very hot.  Most days it is between 30-34C with only the odd downpour to cool the air!

The other day we were invited to a christening service in the old convent chapel next to the guest house where we stay, it was a beautiful service.
Archbishop Daniel came to visit us and gave us a very warm welcome. He wanted to make sure we were happy and being well looked after!

The renovation of the accommodation block for student teachers, partially funded by St Peter’s Church PCC, is almost completed and is looking good.  There are just a few small things to do then hopefully  it will soon be occupied.

This year working in the nursery has been extremely busy and we have worked all the shifts except for last Sunday when we attended a three-and-a-half hour service in Mampong Cathedral. The service was led by Bishop Cyril.

We have two girls from Norway working as volunteers at the home. They are brilliant and great fun. They are here for three months.  Next week I am looking forward to my daughter Sarah coming out to join us for our last week.  It will be good for her to meet Maggie, her family, and all the staff I have talked about over the years and of course to meet the beautiful babies and children!

Thank you to all who continue to support Mampong Babies Home, I can assure you it is very much appreciated.

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