Diocesan press releases

Stars, wishes and praise for schools at education day

The first diocesan education day has heard praise for church schools and given teachers and governors the opportunity to discuss the challenges they face.

Held at Llandrindod’s Holy Trinity Church, the event attracted representatives from schools across the diocese and the Church in Wales’ lead bishop for education, David Wilbourne.

It was opened by the diocese’s director of education, Rev Helen Rees, and Bishop John, who said church schools “have the opportunity to influence and mould young people not simply as individuals who will grow up, but grow up into Christians”.

Acknowledging that schools can feel threatened by the agenda of change, Bishop John urged them to follow a holistic agenda. “There is in every child a profound spiritual dimension, you are not just delivering facts but moulding entire beings,” he said.

Bishop David, who is assistant bishop of Llandaff, said the essence of church schools was of hearts becoming one.

“It’s about Christ’s heart, a child’s heart and, finally, your heart, and how they all interact,” he said.

He thanked teachers and governors for their hard work, and said: “I believe that children are a gift we give to the future and present of God’s church and God’s world.”

School representatives were then asked for ‘two stars and a wish’ – the two stars for the things they do well, and the wish for what they would like help with. The wishes will be discussed by the Diocesan Board of Education and will help the board to meet the training needs some schools may have and look at cross-school working.

There were also presentations from Books at Press, the Scripture Union and TLG.