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Lifeboat Centenary

lifeboat (6)On January 1st 2016 at 9.30 am at St Cattwg’s, Port Eynon, a full church gathered to remember those who had perished at sea whilst serving on the local lifeboat ‘Janet’ one hundred years before. Present were descendants of the three men who drowned when the boat capsized twice going to the aid of a vessel namely William Eynon, George Harry and Billy Gibbs. They took part in the service which was organised and led by Rev Carol Davies who is Honorary Chaplain to the lifeboat station there and an associate priest within the Gower Ministry Area. lifeboat (7)Also present was the Area Dean Canon Peter Brooks who led an act of commemoration from the slipway at the end of the observances. Wreaths were laid by the present crew at the entrance to the old boat house in Port Eynon from which the ‘Janet’ was launched that fateful day.lifeboat (31)



It was an opportunity for the community of this seaside village to come together to pray and also to walk the beach and dunes from the old boat house in Port Eynon to the new RNLI station in Horton as an act of remembrance.

To quote the RNLI Prayer….’Guide all who work for the institution that they may be faithful to the vision of its founders so that it may always be seen as a beacon of hope and light to those who find themselves in peril on the seas’.

May the names of these brave men recorded on the monument outside the church in Port Eynon live on in their community.

Area Dean Rev Canon Peter Brooks