Healing and deliverance

Peter Brooks, The Vicarage 88 Pennard Road Pennard SWANSEA SA3 2AD Phone number: 01792 232928 Email address: peter.brooks256@btinternet.com

Healing is important because (especially as we get older) we all experience weak points, both physically and in our relationships and spirituality.  While there is a large industry around medicines and therapies, there is also a long history of Christian involvement – both in providing medical help, and in offering prayer and support.  (Think of Brother Cadfael!)

This is a good thing we can offer, free, to anybody and everybody!  Christians sometimes go to Psychic Fairs or similar events and, amidst all sorts of unusual (and often expensive) therapies and spiritualities, offer Christian prayer – free.)

Our practice has been to offer the Laying on of Hands with simple prayer, and Anointing with Oil (blessed in the Cathedral). Everybody is welcome to ask for healing, to come for prayer for themselves or another, or simply to watch.

A small team exists to offer suggestions and help to Parishes in setting up an appropriate form of the Ministry of Christian Healing, believing that it should be a regular part of Parish ministry, and something of value to offer to the wider community.
We also deal with “haunting” and other ghostly issues.  If you want help with this, please contact your local Parish priest first, and he will work with the team to assist you.