Worship Leaders


Worship leaders might be involved in several ways in church services. They might take part in the leading of a set service (such as the ‘Ministry of the Word’* in a Holy Communion service) or lead other services sometimes devising and using different formats.

There are resources to help Worship leaders in their preparation here

*’Ministry of the Word’ is from the beginning of a Holy Communion service to the sharing of the peace.

The training

In the six session training course we explore the importance of worship within the community of the local church.

The learning draws upon the participants’ own experience and faith as they reflect together on the challenges of how to worship meaningfully within the cultural context in which the church finds itself. It also provides practical experience and training in leading worship.

  1. What’s worship all about?
    • reflects on the calling to worship and our experience of what that means.
  2. What’s involved?
    • looks at creating a worship environment, reflects on our own experience and asks how we can create good opportunities for worship.
  3. Values of worship
    • considers the essential values underpinning worship leading and the necessary qualities of those called to lead
  4. Getting started
    • gets us thinking about the kinds of relationships and practical skills entailed in working with and encouraging one another and leading people to God
  5. The heart of worship
    • explores what’s involved in helping the congregation to develop spiritually and to move ‘deeper’ in worship
  6. ‘Learning through doing’
    • presents opportunities to plan and practice worship services and identifies resources to help.

There is an ongoing learning and development as the training is put into practice.

“We still need to learn: We find it difficult sometimes when the membership of worship-leader-teams changes. We are learning to explain ourselves better as we go along, the need for voice and presentation and microphone skills, acceptance that some church members will still choose a Communion service and that movement and noise are difficult for some.  We find that we can use some of the many resources available from books or the web, but need to adapt them until we are sure that we ‘own’ them, or they will not communicate on the day.”

To find out more about Worship Leader training, please contact Reverend Canon Alison Jones, 01792 418478, alison.rhossili@hotmail.co.uk