Continuing Ministerial Development (CMD)


Rev’d Timothy Hewitt, Bishop’s Officer for Training and Ministerial Development

Continuing Ministerial Development (CMD) – addresses the requirement for continued theological learning which is an essential discipline for preaching and teaching, as well as for personal growth, and to meet the particular requirements of Parochial Ministry as set out under Common Tenure. Clergy should be aware of the need to participate in and the availability of continuing ministerial education programmes.

The aims of Continuing Ministerial Development are:

  • To enable clergy to be resourceful ministers of Christ alongside the people in their care;
  • To enable clergy to be faithful to their vocation in teaching, providing pastoral care and leading others;
  • To enable clergy to be effective teachers, pastors and leaders in their daily work.
  • To have regard for the changing context of mission and ministry;
  • To have regard for the requirements of Clergy Terms of Service;
  • To have regard for IME;
  • To have regard for the Hind Learning Outcomes.

As Continuing Ministerial Development Officer, Tim has responsibilities for some of the ongoing training which Clergy receive.

These include:

  • Organising CMD Days for Diocesan Clergy, known as Clergy Synods here in Swansea and Brecon;
  • Administering the Clergy CMD Grant Scheme;
  • Administering the Ministerial Development Review process and subsequent training;
  • Facilitating arrangements for Clergy Sabbaticals;
  • Organising the triennial Residential Ministry Conference;
  • Facilitating progress for occasional and general requests from Clergy for Ministry Development.”

More information on Continuing Ministerial Education courses at St Michael’s College can be found here