Faith in Families Christmas Appeal

Set an extra place for Jesus this year, and help give Faith in Families a lifeline

If, tomorrow, Jesus walked among us in Swansea or Brecon as he walked in Galilee 2,000 years ago, where would he start his visit, do you think? He might start in the Quadrant in Swansea – who knows? He might start in the Beacons or the villages of Gower.

There again he might start in the places where Faith in Families have their family centres. For more than 17 years Faith in Families has been helping parents by running family centres. It is the work of Jesus.

But of course Jesus is coming, isn’t he? On December 25th we will celebrate with slap-up Christmas meals: turkey, roast potatoes, all the trimmings and Christmas pudding. One estimate of the cost of a Christmas meal for four today is £84.27†

How about including Jesus in the meal? It would cost you £21.07 – assuming Jesus eats as much as everyone else eats. The suggestion is that you give £21.07 this Advent to Faith in Families – or more if you are going to drink champagne… Jesus likes champagne.

If all the worshippers in all the parishes in our Diocese gave £21.07 to Faith in Families that would be £105,350. And they need the money.

Include Jesus at your Christmas meal

If all the worshippers in all the parishes in our Diocese gave £21.07 we could keep the family centres open in 2019 – long enough to find new sources of funding…

To donate to the appeal, click here or download the leaflet and fill out the details on the back page.