Exploring Islam’s message of peace

mahaboob-3-(copy)-300-q90This is an interview at the Mosque at Swansea University with Dr Mahaboob Basha in late March 2017. I also met Sheik Mohsen El-Beltagi, the Imam in Swansea and was made very welcome. I shall gladly accept the offer to attend the Mosque sometimes for Friday Prayers. Islam is a “message of peace”, says Mahaboob, “a message of peace and love”. Sheik Mohsen and Mahaboob are both active in interfaith dialogue and believe that deep listening and sharing of faith will help societies in the world to integrate with compassion and respect for the other. “When integration happens, really integration, then there is community and I think there can then be no problems in society” – Mahaboob. For me, the reporting of Islam in the media these days is almost always uninformed, distorted and deeply destructive. I look forward to working with Mahaboob and Mohsen in the cause of peace now and through years to come.



Exploring Yungdrung Bön

Below is an interview with Sandrine, who has been a disciple of Lama Khemsar Rinpoche and practitioner of the spiritual practices of Yungdrung Bön for the last 20 years or so. She is also a French translator, tutor and interpreter at Swansea University.

Yungdrung Bön is the indigenous faith of the Tibetan people and, according to its practitioners, predates Buddhism: “Yungdrung Bon was taught by Buddha Tonpa Sherab in Wol-mo Loong-Ring (Shambala). The Buddha’s history can be traced back to over 18,000 years” (Khemsar Rinpoche). Lama Khemsar is an eminent master of Yungdrung Bön Buddhism who has been teaching in the West for over 20 years. He is fluent in English and is renowned for his lively disciplined teaching style and fast wit. RInpoche is a ri-med (non-sectarian) teacher who teaches Spiritual Knowledge rather than religious dogma. He teaches his disciples not to change their faith but one must change one’s mind and explore other faith’s spiritual knowledge in order to enhance one’s own faith.

Sandrine goes to church sometimes and she is exploring the teachings of Jesus now. She believes interfaith dialogue is essential.


Norma Glass

A recording about Judaism

Here is an interview with Norma Glass MBE about the Jewish community in South Wales. It was recorded in a Gower cafe on the cliffs, in late January 2017.

Norma is the Welsh representative on the UK Board of Deputies of British Jews and is a founder director of Peacemala UK, a member of SACRE, a former president of Soroptomist International and a board member of the South Wales Police Independent Advisory Group.

Norma is chair of the Older Minority Ethnic Network run by Age Cymru and was awarded an MBE by the Queen for Services to Racial Understanding in Wales. In 2010, she was honoured by First Minister Carwyn Jones AM for her contributions to Race Relations.


Druid 4

Interview with a Druid

This interview with Druid Dr Ian Clegg was recorded under the ancient Yew tree in the llan of St Rhydian, in which Llanrhidian church is built. The interview took place in January 2017. A raven, a druidic symbol of  peace, wisdom and divine communication, can be heard toward the end of the interview. Dr Clegg is a Druid and member of OBOD (Order of Bards, Ovates and Druids) and he is active throuout the UK and in Brittany. Of Scottish origin, Dr Clegg is currently based in Gower. Much of his life has been as an academic (history, philosophy, politics) and a political activist.