Training – Safeguarding children & adults at risk Peter-safeguarding

Safeguarding training is available to any member of the laity (eg safeguarding officers) within the church who may perform a role with children (under 18), or adults at risk. The training forms part of the Church in Wales’ continued commitment to a safe church.

Safeguarding issues arise across all aspects of our communities and can involve male or female, the wealthy, the poor, the young and the old. It is the responsibility of everyone involved in church life to remain well informed and aware of the potential risks.

Our shared vision is to create a church environment where everyone feels welcomed and safe, safeguarding is not what the Church in Wales does in response to an issue, instead it is what the Church in Wales is every day!

Please contact me to organise your training and come along and participate.

I am also happy to discuss any concerns you may have around the subject area in person or by email and telephone. 

The responsibility for casework belongs to the head of Safeguarding for the Province Elaine Cloke who can be reached on;

Elaine has 2 Provincial Caseworkers in the North and South of the Province, the caseworker responsible for the South is;

fay_howeFay Howe

Tel: 07551 124219



Fay can also be contacted directly with safeguarding concerns.

I work 18 hours per week but I will endeavour to respond to you asap, however please be mindful that urgent matters must be reported to the head of safeguarding directly or in very urgent cases the police and social services.

Alison Smith is now the coordinator for all matters relating to the Disclosure & Barring Service (DBS) and therefore Debbie Fisher no longer performs this role.

If anyone wishes to contact Alison regarding DBS matters her contact details are;

Tel:  02920 348227

Once again many thanks for your commitment and continued support

Peter Doyle
Provincial Safeguarding Support Officer, Diocese of Swansea & Brecon

Telephone: 07881 016189